We Make Your Photo Reel a Reality

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About the service
Before You Book - What you should know

We attend your event and run the green screen studio for you. You don’t need to lift a finger!

Professional quality photos are printed within seconds. Its just that easy!

Let us know what the event is all about and we can deliver a tailored service thats right for you.

After the event. All photos are uploaded onto our ePortfolio absolutely free!
£ Hire charge - Starts from just £100 (excluding charity events).

Printed photos are purchasable on the night. Prices are subject to negotiation.
We provide any equipment you need

Buy from us
We have a range of equipment so you can setup your own Green Screen.

Installation and Training
If you require additional support. We are on hand to set up your green screen purchases and also provide necessary training to successfully use the equipment to its highest potential.
Our online store is coming soon! Until then please call us on +44 (0)33 3900 0230

The Technical Stuff

We have both an indoor and outdoor studio.
Space required of 3metres wide x 2metres high for setup.
We ask that we can arrive a minimum of 90minutes before the event begins for setup.

or call us +44 (0)33 3900 0230